Song Info

Thoughts behind the music on Serious #1 CD

The Road Of Love: An upbeat country style flavor song that I wrote for my wife. We all have a lot of roads to travel in this life, and inice to have your special partner along for the journey. I wrote it back in 2000. Copyrighted in 2001


Daydream Honey: A romantic sing along song for our 21st wedding anniversary. I was inspired by the old 1920’s and 1930’s sing along songs that my parents, and grandparents enjoyed. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, you can’t always get away on a second honeymoon so the next best thing is to daydream it together. Copyrighted in 2002.


Home Sweet Home In N.C.: Country stomping traveling song to blast on the radio when I’m coming home from a business trip. Originally this song was written for Pennsylvania, but I had to change that when I moved down to North Carolina. Copyrighted in 1996


Beautiful Is The Way You Look: This is one of my best melodies. A beautiful ballad with a heart. I wrote this song for my wife when she was in the hospital. Copyrighted 2004


Remember That God Loves You: God wants me to spread the word. The message is simple: “Always Remember In Your Heart That God Still Loves You”. Copyrighted in 2001


I Get This Feeling: This Ballad was written for EVERYONE. A song recorded live somewhere in my heart. It’s brought a tear to the eye of one of my friends battling cancer. Copyrighted in 2000


Nobody Better: A catchy bounce tune that (once again) I wrote for the (boss) wife.
Back in 1995, she was always insecure about how I felt about her, so I sat down on the keyboard, banged my head against the wall and came up with this one. Copyrighted in 2001.


Never Give Up: The Strength To Go On Song. I wrote this song for my dear friend Mike who had cancer and is no longer with us. It’s a song for all those suffering from illnesses. Copyrighted in 2001.


Gonna Get You: A catchy bounce tune for all those guys that are trying to win the affections of a sweetheart. One of the older songs that I wrote back in 1990 Copyrighted in 1991.


The Last Time: A Great Ballad This song was written for when I would kiss my wife good-bye and leave on business trips. I felt that this song should also be a military deployment song for all of our military who must leave there loved ones from time to time. We should Never Take Life for Granted- Copyrighted in 2002