Insight Behind The Music

I'm Blowing Kisses: I wrote this song for anyone who is away from their loved one.


Lasting Memory: Inspiration was a Bar Band Song meets the Beach Boys. A slow dance song to reminisce about the old days, but to create a memory for the present time with your lover


Right Here On You Tube: A little sing along tune for You Tube, Lyrics were inspired by my You Tube friend CousinSusie who would always send hugs and kisses.


Thank You Lord: There are not many songs for the Thanksgiving Holiday. So this is My Thanksgiving Song to God


You Can't Blame It All On A Kiss: I am a big Hallmark movie fan. Hallmark movies always have the kiss at the end of the movie. Every relationship really starts with that first kiss. So no matter what happens after that kiss- you can't blame it on that first one.


Jesus Lullaby: I never liked Rock a bye baby lullaby. So I wanted a song that you could sing to a child to let them know that Jesus loves them before they fall asleep.


She's Mine Mine Mine: Inspired by the Beatles She Loves you, A little 1960 style 


Give Me a Chance To Live A Lifetime: My Pro-Life Song. I sat down and asked myself if I was an unborn fetus (Child) who could sing a song, what song would I want to share with everyone. Give me a chance


I'm Feeling Better: My wife was quite sickly, and it always picked up my spirits when I could get her to smile. Her smile would make my day.


Deep In My Heart, I Love You: I was looking to create a nice feel good song to tell my wife that I loved her. One of my favorite Melodies