Loving Heart Album

Insight Behind The Music

How Many Times: Just a fun song for that special someone


I Do Forever: I wrote this as a special wedding song that included vows


Let Me Bring: A Christian Song written for all caretakers (CMAs)


Thank You Lord Alot: There are not many songs for the Thanksgiving Holiday. My first thanksgiving song written


A Father Daughter Memory: I song I wrote to dance with my daughter on her wedding day


Soul Mate Valentine: A deep rooted song for Valentines Day


Tell Me How Many Teardrops: A song that I started around the time my mom passed away, and finished it when my wife passed away the following year.


No, I Can't Turn Back Time: "My Thoughts and Prayers are with you" song, for all those greiving a loss of a loved one


Fax Me Home: Song I wrote when I was a traveling salesman, 


Lover's Rendezvous: I read an advice column, where the writer said that everyone needs some excitement in their lives and should go on a Rendezvous- so I thought I'd write one about it