I grew up in a small town called Morrisville, PA. It's a little place that George Washington started from when he crossed the Delaware River for the battle of Trenton. I started out playing accordion and drums in grade school and high school. Later on it was great to learn to play keyboards and a little bit of guitar.


I started composing music back in the 70's. I must admit those songs back then were not that good. It wasn't until the late 80's, when I got my first Casio keyboard that I was able to start getting more creative. I have to laugh at those old cassette tapes with that keyboard. A monkey banging on a tin can with an organ grinder probably sounded better than that. The melodies were there but not the sound production.


Well, I moved down to North Carolina in 1998. I got myself some better equipment and a Fostex 16 track recorder. That seemed to work for a little bit to release my first album Serious #1.


However with the latest computer technology giving me endless tracks, I can now reach my goals to make some beautiful music and touch a few lives in this world.

If you come away from any song of mine and enjoyed it, then tell God "Thank you for the Melody". I could not have done it without Him.

Thanks for stopping by my website, I greatly appreciate it.


God Bless